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Tented Camps
Tented camps are an amazing way to experience the Serengeti. These camps have tents with beds, plenty of space to walk around, and shower/toilet facilities inside each tent. These are camp showers where the staff brings hot water by bucket to fill your shower. Meals are taken in a central dining tent. Animals may graze right by camp and sunsets are breathtaking. Some people may be afraid of the animal noises they can hear at night, but most will love being this close to nature.

Kenzan’s Kisura Camp in Seronera (Central Serengeti)
We’ve used Kenzan’s seasonally-mobile camps for years, and now they have a similar camp that stays year-round in the popular central Serengeti (Seronera) area. This is a great location at any time of year, due to permanent water in the Seronera River. This is a comfortable but not superluxe camp. Each tent has a comfortable bed with attached bathroom (toilet, sink and shower). Hot water for showering is upon request, like at all mobile camps. A great option for those wanting a tented camp experience in Serengeti, who are on a tight or moderate budget.

Kenzan’s Seasonal Camp in Ndutu (Southern Serengeti)
This is Kenzan’s seasonal tented camp, which is in Ndutu area (southern Serengeti) December through March when the migrating herds are most likely to be in the area. During these months and especially in February, this is a prime location. Same style of camp as their Kisura camp above though a little simpler as it is seasonally mobile.

Chaka Camp
This is an upgraded (i.e. slightly higher cost, but still moderate) seasonally mobile camp. December through March it’s located in the Ndutu area, on the Ngorongoro Conservation Area side of the border with Serengeti National Park. May through November it’s in central Serengeti. While not wildly more expensive, if your budget allows this camp has some advantages: it’s smaller so more intimate, dining room and tents are furnished a little more upscale, staff is very accommodating, and food is excellent.

Ang’ata Camps in Serengeti - Seronera, Ndutu and Bolongoja
Ang’ata has a year-round tented camp in central Serengeti – Seronera. This location has a lovely lounge area as well as dining area. Individual tents are decorated with attractive prints and photos, so the overall experience is more upscale than other camps mentioned thus far. Ang’ata also has a seasonally mobile camp which is located in southern Serengeti (Ndutu) from December to March, and in northern Serengeti (Bolongoja) July to October. The seasonal camp is very nice, though not quite as upscale as their permanent one in Seronera since it has to be packed up and moved twice a year.

Buffalo Luxury Camp
This is an upscale, permanent tented lodge located just outside Klein’s gate in Serengeti. It’s managed by the same folks as Mount Meru Game Lodge just outside Arusha. Buffalo Tented camp has beautiful tents, with truly amazing bathrooms – showers AND lovely bathtubs to enjoy! The location just outside Serengeti Park borders means lots of animals move through the area, but you have freedom for some activities not allowed inside park borders. Activities include night game drives in the Camp’s open sided safari vehicle, Sundowners (drinks or supper on a hill a short walk from camp, with lovely views around), walking safaris, and visiting the local Maasai village or arranging special activities with them. For those with some budget flexibility to upgrade, Buffalo Luxury camp is a great experience and we highly recommend two nights if possible!


Serengeti Sopa Lodge
Sopa Lodges are a group of large lodges in Tanzania's parks. While we usually prefer smaller lodges and camps, Sopa Lodges are well situated, have great views, and are more upscale than Wildlife Lodges (and the price reflects that).

Ndutu Lodge
Ndutu lodge is a great lodge choice December through March when the Great Migration is often nearby. February is peak season at Ndutu and usually requires reserving many months in advance. The rooms are decent (but not luxury), and it's a reasonably priced lodge in an area of the southern Serengeti that's fantastic several months of the year and good for several others (especially for those looking for a smaller lodge than other choices). It is in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area just outside the Serengeti National Park borders, but from an ecosystem point of view you are in the Serengeti and that's how it feels. Reviews are somewhat mixed on the food and rooms. Budget travelers will find it quite nice, while those used to luxury may find it too simple for their tastes; perfect for the budget or moderate traveler looking for a lodge away from the crowds, during migration season.

Lobo Wildlife Lodge & Seronera Wildlife Lodge
Seronera is near a permanent water source so usually has good wildlife year-round but is a busy area of Serengeti, with numerous lodges/camps in the area. Lobo varies seasonally (peak from July through October) but is a less busy and very beautiful, wild-feeling location so we prefer it usually. Wildlife Lodges are a group of large hotels/lodges in Tanzania. While usually we prefer smaller lodge and camps, Wildlife Lodges are great for those who like a hotel style environment but are on a budget. They have great locations and views. Meals are usually served buffet-style.

Mbalageti Lodge
This is an upscale lodge with beautiful tented chalets, though they do offer some more budget friendly/moderate rooms as an option for the budget-conscious traveler. Mbalageti is located in Western Serengeti. Though some of the chalets and rooms are a bit of a walk from the dining room and pool, it’s well worth it – besides the fact that many of the chalets have great views themselves, the dining room and pool are perched on a hill with magnificent views out over the Serengeti plains.
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