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Classic Safaris

This is truly your classic safari experience – staying in safari lodges or tented safari camps, visiting Tanzania’s famous national parks to enjoy the amazing wildlife on display.

Budget Camping Safaris

This is for our adventurous travelers on a tight budget. You’ll get close to nature (and animals) while camping in public campsites (with public toilet facilities) on safari. We provide the cook and wonderful meals. Sleeping is in small tents, in sleeping bags on sleeping pads on the ground so this is very simple camping!

Family Safari

Share the experience of safari with your children or grandchildren. Safaris tailored to multi-generation groups.

Walking Safari

There is nothing quite like experiencing Tanzania’s wildlife while hiking through parks and reserves.
Are you ready for the trip of a lifetime?

Mountain Trekking

Wildlife Safaris

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About Serengeti Pride

Serengeti Pride Safaris & Kilimanjaro Climbs provides expert-guided Mount Kilimanjaro climbs and wildlife safaris in Tanzania. We are a small company run by highly trained, dedicated professionals (Tanzanian and American) who are able to personalize your experience in a way that large travel companies cannot.
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