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Tribal and School visits

Partial or Full Day Visits with Local Tribes and Schools
If you have an extra half day, full day, or 2 days in your itinerary, we have many activities we can suggest. These opportunities will allow you to meet and understand much more about the lives of everyday Tanzanians than you will on typical safari itineraries that are mostly focused on viewing animals.

Visit a School
Visit a local primary school or orphanage (it's nice to bring school supplies or help them in some way in exchange for their generosity in accommodating a visit). The visit is usually 1-2 hours. We have adopted Uraki Primary School which is very near our headquarters. Lema Peter attended this school years ago. See our Giving Back/Volunteering page for information about a clean water project Serengeti Pride clients have done. Donors are also needed to help support building a new kitchen, toilets, and other projects such as biogas for the kitchen. Donations of school supplies are very much needed  - bring your own as part of our Pack for a Purpose Partnership, or we can arrange local purchase of school supplies if you prefer to bring money. We'll help you get school supplies purchased in the amount you specify, and depending on which items the school needs most at the time.

Meet Local Tribes

In Arusha, visit Mulala women's cooperative, a cultural tourism program where you will spend time with some wonderful local people of the Meru Tribe. Take a walk high in the foothills of Mount Meru, learn about their traditions, and have a delicious lunch of local food. This can be a half or full day.

On Safari, you'll get a much better understanding of the Maasai and/or Hadzabe tribes if you can schedule an extra/day night off the main road so you can spend some amazing time with these tribes (Maasai in Ngorongoro Highlands, Hadzabe in Lake Eyasi area). This will give you a much better understanding of their culture than the quick Maasai village visit along the main road we can fit in on a regular safari schedule. Many of the Maasai tribe still live as polygamous cattle herders, some still moving around with the seasons. One can always visit a Maasai village on the main road to/from safari for an hour or two, but the best experience is to schedule a day/night off the beaten path so you can really get to visit with them in a less touristic manner. The Hadzabe are a very small tribe that still follows a very traditional hunter/gatherer lifestyle; scheduling a day and night in Lake Eyasi area is the only way to spend time with them, and it's well worth it for anyone interested in traditional cultures. If you want, we can arrange for you to go on a hunt with the Hadzabe; otherwise, you'll visit with them in their camp, learn about their traditional lifestyle, musical instruments, singing and dancing.

Tribal Visits

Mulala-Agape Women's Cooperative (Photo Credit:  Caroline Picone)

Hadzabe tribe in Lake Eyasi

Hadzabe Tribe in Lake Eyasi

Maasai tribe

Mulala-Agape Women's Cooperative 
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