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You will already be in Tanzania – why not make the most of your time? If you're coming for a Kilimanjaro climb or a wildlife safari, we suggest you add a beach or volunteering extension. Or, add on anywhere from a half day to 2 days to learn more about some of Tanzania's many tribes. For many travelers, due to the long journey they will only come to Tanzania once so you should try to fit in as much as you have time available. We frequently hear from travelers that they wished they had planned to stay a little longer. So, just plan it from the beginning!
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Serengeti Pride Safaris & Kilimanjaro Climbs provides expert-guided Mount Kilimanjaro climbs and wildlife safaris in Tanzania. We are a small company run by highly trained, dedicated professionals (Tanzanian and American) who are able to personalize your experience in a way that large travel companies cannot.
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