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Serengeti Pride offers lodging choices for all tastes and budgets. While many of our advertised itineraries use budget friendly and mid range options, if your budget allows we can provide luxury upgrades. All the lodge, including budget friendly, are tourist level, with western style beds, toilets and hot showers. The mid range and upgraded lodges either have better locations, better views, or better amenities (room size, bathroom size, décor, etc). Our “budget camping safaris” are the only “minimalist” experience on our website. On these safaris you will sleep in public campsites (campgrounds), in small tents using sleeping bags on sleeping pads. You will need to walk to centralized public toilet facilities. Our guide and cook will set up tents and provide meals. This is not to be confused with “tented safari camps” which you’ll see mixed with lodges in other safari itineraries. “Tented safari camps” are seasonal or year-round, camps that offer large tents, with attached en suite toilet/shower facility. These are like small, mobile, tented lodges and are similar price to lodges. They provide a great experience in natural settings, with animal noises to hear at night. But for those who feel more secure with solid walls rather than tent walls, lodges are available as well.
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Serengeti Pride Safaris & Kilimanjaro Climbs provides expert-guided Mount Kilimanjaro climbs and wildlife safaris in Tanzania. We are a small company run by highly trained, dedicated professionals (Tanzanian and American) who are able to personalize your experience in a way that large travel companies cannot.
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